Toilet Project Completed

I have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at the moment because I was able to install my new toilet over the weekend by myself, a testament to my growing powers as a DIYer. Of course, I will have to admit that I had a bit of help in the process as I researched a few sites to determine the best way of going about it all. But at the end of the day, I have to give myself credit because there are more people out there that I believe have enough skills to do it on their own as well, and I would love to share how I got through the process step by step.

fixing a hose

If you are also one of those people that do not know how to install a toilet, fret not because you are not alone and in fact, you may be in the majority as most people are not aware of how to do it either. One way to learn how to get through the process is by understanding truly how a toilet functions. This way, you can deduce how to take apart a toilet and ultimately, how to install one from the ground up. Here are the issues that need to be addressed in order to complete a toilet project.

The first bit of business is answering the question of the wax ring, and the answer is that you should always place wax rings on the closet flange. Adding the wax ring eliminates the potential of ring falling off the toilet bowl’s bottom.

Next, before you go out and buy a replacement toilet, you will have to get a measurement of the one you have and any extra room that you may need. It matters because there should be enough distance between the finished wall and closet flange bolts. I suggest positioning them at a 12-inch mark and then secure using washers and nuts. Once closet flange bolts and the wax rings are properly in place, lower the toilet on to the closet flange.

When you are lowering the toilet, the holes should be aligned with closet flange bolts and then lowered slowly until bowl meets wax rings. Then the toilet should be compressed against wax rings so that the seal is watertight and you won’t have to worry about water seeping out in the future. First, the plastic washers should be added, followed by the metal washers, and then lastly the nuts to closet flange bolts.

man fixing bathroom

Next, the closet flange bolts should be tightened using a wrench. Also important to note here is that they should not be too tight as this could potentially crack your toilet bowl. They should be tight enough to stop the toilet from moving.

Next, the water should be hooked to the toilet, and you should then determine what type of water supply is going to be used. I suggest supply lines that are steel braided since they are considered the best by industry insiders. Check the level of the water tank and ensure that there are no leaks. Trim and then add the toilet seat, and voila, job done!

7 Tips To Get Started In Blogging

As with so many things in life, for some people the hardest part of getting started with blogging is very simply just starting. The first step is to make yourself start writing. Blogging is a daunting thing to just jump into and there are a million reasons you can find that will make you hesitant or not want to get started. So, here are 7 tips to help you take that very big first step. ( In CZECH Jak si založit blog: Prvních 7 kroků pro úspěšné blogování )

1. Just Start Writing

If you want to start blogging then you MUST get into the habit of writing on a regular schedule. Just start writing. Write about something that interests you, write about your day, write about your passions, write a creative story. It doesn’t matter what you write at first, you don’t have to post it and no one has to read it,  just get yourself into the habit of writing every day. Eventually writing will start to feel like a normal part of routine and not a task that you have to force yourself to do every day.

2. Start Thinking About Your Niche

Finding a niche to write about will help keep your blog in a focused direction and also help improve consistency both in your work and in your readership. Find a niche that you enjoy writing about, something that interests you and is already part of your life. Forcing yourself to learn a subject that you are not familiar with just to write a blog about it will quickly burn out your passion for writing. Write about your interests and you will attract readers who share the same interests, and interested readers will return to read more in the future.

3. Select A Web Hosting Service And Domain Name

You will need to select a web hosting service and secure a domain name. Web hosting services will provide the web servers where your website will live and they will also typically offer backup services and security to help ensure that your site is not only secure but also reliable. There are several different options when it comes to web hosting and each will offer different benefits depending on the amount of traffic you expect, the amount of technical background you have, or the amount of money that you want to spend. 

Your domain name will be the address where people can find your website on the internet. Everyone recognizes the typical .com, .net, or .org. Selecting the prefix will be more important. It is important to choose something catchy and recognizable so that your blog is not only easy to find but also easily remembered. Using words that are related to your niche will make your website be more likely to be found when readers make google searches about the topic. 

4. Build Your Blog Using WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful tool that can help you build the website of your dreams. WordPress is a content management system which allows you to create and customize your website without needing to know any web programming. Used by over 40% of all websites on the internet, including and the official Microsoft Blog, it is a well known and commonly used tool. This means that it is extremely easy to find tutorials, support, and resources to help you learn the ropes. WordPress offers plugins and templates that will simplify the process of building your website. It also allows your website to be flexible because you are not stuck with a handful of templates like some other services. The ability to add elements to your website without a complete redesign gives you the ability to evolve your site as your blog grows. 

5. Just Keep Posting

You will not have two million readers a few months after you launch your blog. The most important thing to remember is to just keep posting. If you keep a schedule and continue to post regardless of your numbers, then the readers will come. Persistence is a huge part of blogging and it is absolutely critical when building a reader-base. This goes back to writing about something that you feel a passion for. If you do not write about something that you enjoy, then it can be that much more demotivating when you are not seeing the numbers or growth that you want. Bumpy roads lead to beautiful places and those who are able to push themselves through the difficult times will be the ones who see the success that they have been striving for. You can also make a use of Wix.

6. Find A Solution That You Can Offer

You must think about your blog in the eyes of the reader. What do you offer them? What will they gain from reading? Why should they read? Why should they return to read more? Why is your blog worth their time? When you find an answer to those questions then it will help you gain and keep readers. Blogging is a very saturated world so you need to have something to offer your readers. Look at some of the blogs that you read or at least like the style of and pick them apart. Ask yourself those same questions. What do they offer me? What am I gaining from reading this? Why do I come back for more? If you can determine what makes a blog “readable and memorable” then you can apply those same tactics or strategies to your own niche. 

7. Build an Email List

Creating an email list will allow you to have a direct line of communication to deliver your blog to the readers. If you can convince your readers to sign up to be on your email list then you can send every blog post directly to their inbox. This will not only increase the chances that they will read it, but it will also be more likely to create a repeat reader. Using polls sent out to your email list can help to create a sense of community and also helps you tailor your material to your readers through direct feedback. Email lists will help you create a strong base readership which will in turn help to grow your blog over time.

Starting a successful blog feels like an incredibly daunting and sometimes impossible task, but the most important thing that you can do is start. So get started, start writing, start planning, start researching… just start. There’s no better day than today to dive right in!

Upgrading Continues

Renovating things around my home is something that I have always done in one way or another and the current remaining project is the hall bathroom as we are replacing the toilet for a new one. I have been contemplating this for quite some time and I just made the decision to go ahead and invest in a dual flush mode as I have heard from countless people that they are the absolute best option to have at the moment. I know that my friends and colleagues have been raving about them for years and my only regret is that I had not invested in them sooner since I have read about how much money they can save you in the long run on your utility bills.

Of course, before I decided on a brand to invest in, I was advised to check out sites for the best toilet reviews, as well as sites that featured the best composting toilet brands, which were quite numerous, I have to admit. Once I had reviewed these sites, I was able to discern which were the most popular models based on reviews left by previous users and their recommendations. I already know that dual flush options reduce water used, save resources, and ultimately lower water bills. I understand also that the Environmental Protection Agency has a scheme for certification for those toilets that are currently using 80% or less of 1.6 GPF per federal regulations. I mean, why waste water when flushing if there is a better solution out there? The following toilets are the ones I discovered to provide the best for most households.



With a 1.0 gallon per flush for a partial flush and 1.6 gallons per flush for a full one, the American Standard H20 options operated by two chrome plated push buttons at the top of your tank. Thanks to its Siphonic flushing, you get highly efficient action, with the H20 Option meeting specifications and is certified by WaterSense. Some users note that this model is not compliant with the ADA, but it is, however, flushed tested to the 100% level by the factory before it is shipped out and I love the fact that it comes with a warranty of five years as it gives users more security about investing in a product.



Described as a single piece, compact, skirted toilet with combined bidet, this is one of few on the market that meet all ADA regulations, but there are some reviews I read that showed that previous users noted that it did not meet the requirements of levered flushing. This issue is circumvented, however, via a flushing mechanism that operates automatically and this technologically advanced toilet has receive dits certification by WaterSense.

Not to be overlooked is the Tornado flushing system that utilizes nozzles that come in a series to elevate the flushing capability and use only minimal water. These features ensure that the toilet bowl remains cleaner for longer and means you won’t have to worry as much about cleaning it manually every few weeks or months. The lid both closes and opens automatically, which triggers the automatic flush. Some users also note how they love that it comes with a heated seat and that the bidet adjusts for both direction and temperature.



You save floor space on this dual flush toilet that is rounded and thus suitable for small bathrooms and even powder rooms. Just because it is slightly smaller than other options, that does not compromise the efficiency of flushes. In fact, it boasts a Class 5 flush system which removes lots of waste with one flush and it still is certified by the EPA for consuming low levels of water. Kohler has long been known as a brand that produces some of the best toilets on the market, and this model can remove waste using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This alone makes it stand out as a top choice for consideration. Some users may complain about the price, but it is still one of the more affordable options and comes highly recommended.

Being Better

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have a wife that I love and that I know loves me back. It is something that a lot of people never get in their lifetime and I know that I cherish what we have and know that being a better husband is a gift to my wife and ultimately to myself. I always strive to be better than the day before and I know this is something that many husbands are attempting to do but may not know all of the tools in which to do so.

man giving flower to a lady

An updated look is one way in which I can basically give a visual gift to my wife that keeps the fire going. This is just one of the many ways in which you can be better for your mate. Even great athletes get coaching, and this is no slight to any man that is married and wants to be awesome for his spouse. Here are some tips that I can offer as a coach of sorts that can take your marriage to the next level. Follow these and I guarantee that your marriage will be better off because of it.

How to Converse

Your wife is not one of your male friends, and should not be treated as such. The way men talk with one another is entirely different than how I speak to my wife and I know that as men, we are more likely to be direct and sometimes even argumentative. We are also more blunt and free with our opinions. We insult one another and put each other on blast. Men typically are not as sensitive to other’s feelings and can unintentionally even hurt one another. But as men, we tend to let these things fall by the wayside. With women?

Not so much.

When I speak with my wife, it is never in the same blunt and direct ways in which I converse with my male friends. This would be disrespectful in her eyes and I think more men should be more forthright and honest. Don’t be a jerk around your wife (or anyone else for that matter), but instead learn how to speak to her in a way that you will never have a sense of miscommunication.

Do Not Be Controlling

If your wife considers you controlling, then you have already lost the battle to being better for your spouse and have a long haul to go before that is changed. In many marriage workshops, this is what many women reveal about their male halves. In many instances, the men counter that it is the woman that is the controlling and manipulative one. I tell men to be more open, speak out more, vocalize their opinions, and be ready to listen to what their wives have to say. There should be no motivation to hurt your loved ones.

Romance Is Key

man and wife in bed

At the end of the day, the romance between you and your wife is a critical element and we all have the need to be sexually fulfilled. Men are commonly known as being more into the physicality of sex, but women are more into the emotional sides of a relationship when it comes to sex. You should attempt to be the perfect Don Juan for your wife and always think of new and exciting ways to keep her sexually engaged. If she feels wonderful, you will reap the benefits of those feelings. Trust me.