Tips & Tricks for Car Wrapping

Wrapping of cars does not only make it look nice, it also lowers the cost making it recommendable. Most people, however, if you don’t do it in the right way and may end up being disappointed.


Here are some tips and tricks to get you doing the right wrapping


Perfect dealing with bubbles

When rolling for instance on the car bonnet, you may find a bubble during the process. You are not supposed to remove the complete wrapping, this is because you will reduce the adhesive force that exists and facilitate the wrapping. Instead, use the spray gun.  


Avoid moving towards the problem area


When squeegeeing you should not move toward that corner. You should instead make strokes on both ends of the problem area. By this, you reduce the excess films from gathering.Making extra sizes before applying.Having larger sizes will facilitate right application on each dimension which you trim down. Cutting right sizes will not save your vinyl as it will mess you up.


Practical use of the heat gun


When using it, you should not concentrate on the gun rather concentrate on the film. When the film is thicker you should use higher temperatures in the heat gun and lower temperature on a less thin film.Wrapping in the ideal climate.Wrapping should not be done in hot days, it should be done in a temperature of between 10 and 32-degree Celsius since being the optimal temperature it will not allow bubbles to form.  


For double compounds ensure the tension is even.  It is wrong to start wrapping from right to left or from up to bottom in double compounds like the bonnet. To do it in the right way start from the center while making like 4 equal section away from where you started. By this, the tension will get spread evenly hence preventing air holes that may reduce the adhesive forces.