Being Better

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have a wife that I love and that I know loves me back. It is something that a lot of people never get in their lifetime and I know that I cherish what we have and know that being a better husband is a gift to my wife and ultimately to myself. I always strive to be better than the day before and I know this is something that many husbands are attempting to do but may not know all of the tools in which to do so.

man giving flower to a lady

An updated look is one way in which I can basically give a visual gift to my wife that keeps the fire going. This is just one of the many ways in which you can be better for your mate. Even great athletes get coaching, and this is no slight to any man that is married and wants to be awesome for his spouse. Here are some tips that I can offer as a coach of sorts that can take your marriage to the next level. Follow these and I guarantee that your marriage will be better off because of it.

How to Converse

Your wife is not one of your male friends, and should not be treated as such. The way men talk with one another is entirely different than how I speak to my wife and I know that as men, we are more likely to be direct and sometimes even argumentative. We are also more blunt and free with our opinions. We insult one another and put each other on blast. Men typically are not as sensitive to other’s feelings and can unintentionally even hurt one another. But as men, we tend to let these things fall by the wayside. With women?

Not so much.

When I speak with my wife, it is never in the same blunt and direct ways in which I converse with my male friends. This would be disrespectful in her eyes and I think more men should be more forthright and honest. Don’t be a jerk around your wife (or anyone else for that matter), but instead learn how to speak to her in a way that you will never have a sense of miscommunication.

Do Not Be Controlling

If your wife considers you controlling, then you have already lost the battle to being better for your spouse and have a long haul to go before that is changed. In many marriage workshops, this is what many women reveal about their male halves. In many instances, the men counter that it is the woman that is the controlling and manipulative one. I tell men to be more open, speak out more, vocalize their opinions, and be ready to listen to what their wives have to say. There should be no motivation to hurt your loved ones.

Romance Is Key

man and wife in bed

At the end of the day, the romance between you and your wife is a critical element and we all have the need to be sexually fulfilled. Men are commonly known as being more into the physicality of sex, but women are more into the emotional sides of a relationship when it comes to sex. You should attempt to be the perfect Don Juan for your wife and always think of new and exciting ways to keep her sexually engaged. If she feels wonderful, you will reap the benefits of those feelings. Trust me.