Toilet Project Completed

I have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at the moment because I was able to install my new toilet over the weekend by myself, a testament to my growing powers as a DIYer. Of course, I will have to admit that I had a bit of help in the process as I researched a few sites to determine the best way of going about it all. But at the end of the day, I have to give myself credit because there are more people out there that I believe have enough skills to do it on their own as well, and I would love to share how I got through the process step by step.

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If you are also one of those people that do not know how to install a toilet, fret not because you are not alone and in fact, you may be in the majority as most people are not aware of how to do it either. One way to learn how to get through the process is by understanding truly how a toilet functions. This way, you can deduce how to take apart a toilet and ultimately, how to install one from the ground up. Here are the issues that need to be addressed in order to complete a toilet project.

The first bit of business is answering the question of the wax ring, and the answer is that you should always place wax rings on the closet flange. Adding the wax ring eliminates the potential of ring falling off the toilet bowl’s bottom.

Next, before you go out and buy a replacement toilet, you will have to get a measurement of the one you have and any extra room that you may need. It matters because there should be enough distance between the finished wall and closet flange bolts. I suggest positioning them at a 12-inch mark and then secure using washers and nuts. Once closet flange bolts and the wax rings are properly in place, lower the toilet on to the closet flange.

When you are lowering the toilet, the holes should be aligned with closet flange bolts and then lowered slowly until bowl meets wax rings. Then the toilet should be compressed against wax rings so that the seal is watertight and you won’t have to worry about water seeping out in the future. First, the plastic washers should be added, followed by the metal washers, and then lastly the nuts to closet flange bolts.

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Next, the closet flange bolts should be tightened using a wrench. Also important to note here is that they should not be too tight as this could potentially crack your toilet bowl. They should be tight enough to stop the toilet from moving.

Next, the water should be hooked to the toilet, and you should then determine what type of water supply is going to be used. I suggest supply lines that are steel braided since they are considered the best by industry insiders. Check the level of the water tank and ensure that there are no leaks. Trim and then add the toilet seat, and voila, job done!